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Relocating with dogs can be difficult for everyone

    • I love and miss my two grandchildren who live in Missouri. I have seriously considered making a move to be closer to them, but there are several obstacles that stand in my way.

Learning from brook trout

    • In the early 1930s my dad bought for taxes 60 acres of sand, jack pine and white pine stumps in Northern Michigan. There was an old log cabin on the property that he eventually made livable with water

Better together

    • Mindlessly waiting at the doctor?s office, hoping to be seen soon, the faint sound of music reaches my ears. Sound floats through the air and is at first a jumble of words and chords.

?Consider voting? for Moltz

    • Dear Editor:May 3 is election day for the Salida Hospital District board of directors.Jean Moltz has served on the Buena Vista Community Health Center board of directors and has been excellent in that capacity. Those who know her work would like to encourage you to vote for Jean for the hospital board of directors.

Writer offers fetus opinion

    • Dear Editor:Dr. Waxman, you made the statement ?There is no scientific consensus that a fetus is a human being.? But as you have pointed out, scientific consensus deals only with what the majority of scientists believe.

Giese, Post for hospital district

    • Three candidates are running for two Salida Hospital District board positions, Dennis Giese, Jean Moltz and Jeff Post.For the past 7 years, Mr. Giese has served as a Chaffee County commissioner. He has a lengthy background in education, having served as Buena Vista superintendent of schools. He also operates a construction business.

Can you make your investments less ?taxing??

    • Tax Freedom Day, which typically occurs in late April, according to the Tax Foundation, is the day when the nation as a whole has earned enough money to pay off its total tax bill for the year.

Landscape planning concepts

    • When water supplies become stretched, many gardeners look upon their large lawns and wonder about converting it to low-moisture plantings.

Revenge of the neon trout

    • The hook of a size 6 stonefly dry was buried to the bend in the index finger of my left hand. That of the dropper, a size 10 pheasant tail, also to the bend, in the pinky of my right.

Bumper sticker is mean-spirited

    • Dear Editor:Where?s my town? The latest mean-spiritedness is a bumper sticker with the word ?Dara? in a red circle with a red slash through her name. Really?Does this bring our community together and help us work together on the economic, housing and growth challenges we face?

?Bumper stickers be gone?

    • Dear Editor:I would like to point out that while the city government and citizens engage in a ?he said, she said? about bumper stickers, the actual actions of said city council to solve a self-correcting housing non-problem are to take away personal property rights and increase taxes. (i.e., short-term rental tax and licensing; legal privilege.)

It?s getting harder to govern and it?s not just the politicians? fault

    • We may not know who our next president is going to be, but here?s one thing that?s almost certain: He or she will take office with roughly half of the electorate unhappy and mistrustful.�

Salida Museum offers thanks

    • Dear Editor:�The Salida Museum would like to thank Moonlight Pizza for selecting us as their nonprofit for the March 28 Moonlight Monday.�

Criticizes council decision

    • Dear Editor:Have our elected officials lost their minds?Jeff Auxier has sued the city three times. Those lawsuits cost us, the taxpayers, a lot of money ? over $70,000 to date. In the case of the budget lawsuit, the city?s insurance company started picking up the tab after taxpayers paid the first $25,000.�

?Please follow driving laws?

    • Dear Editor:I wonder why so many people speed in 15 mph zones. Especially mothers taking their children to Longfellow Elementary School. Maybe they think they will be late for work?

Thanks for help in time of need

    • Dear Editor:Thank you to everyone who sent food, cards, phone calls and visits at this time.Special thanks to hospice, home health, St. Joseph Church (Father Jim), Lewis and Glenn (Jeff and Randy), special friends Fitz and John who came to visit Tony all the time, and Helping Hands (Irene and crew) who put on a special meal for everyone.

Responds to sticker accusations

    • Dear Editor:There may be folks in our community who do not share Ed Berg?s enthusiasm for Salida City Administrator Dara MacDonald, but to accuse them as he did in his letter to the editor (The Mountain Mail April 20) of wishing her physical harm is over the top.

Inequality will get worse until there?s a revolution

    • Imagine, after a deep sleep, you suffered the fate of Rip Van Winkle and woke in the spring of 2040. What might you find?Among other things, maybe a presidential candidate railing against America?s concentration of wealth. Except this time, it?s not the 1 percent that owns as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent ? it?s the top hundredth of a percent.Could it get that bad? Yes, quite easily. In fact, that nightmare is already on the way.

Offers thanks to SOSS for grant

    • Dear Editor:We would like to thank Support Our Schools Salida for funding a grant that allowed Longfellow Elementary School first-grade students to hear a presentation given by the Pueblo Nature and Raptor Center.

Endorses Dvorack for commissioner

    • Dear Editor:As the author of a series of books on ranches, wilderness and outdoor recreation, I have spent my life dedicated to preserving Colorado?s natural environment. I have also photographed Chaffee County for 40 years.�

Keep kids busy through reading and other activities

    • Summer will soon be approaching and all children will need something to do. They are always busy with sports, swimming and riding their bikes, but reading can be an activity for them to do as well.

Royal Gorge Route Railroad offers wonderful food, recipes

    • One of the goals of this column is to once a month feature recipes that a local restaurant chef enjoys preparing at home or work. This week I went a little out of the local area to feature Jeremy Garn

?Give an invaluable gift this Mother?s Day?

    • Are you struggling to find that perfect gift for Mom this Mother?s Day? Like most Americans, her schedule is busy and she might not get to spend as much time with loved ones as she would like.

Ark-Valley Humane Society seeks photos for calendar

    • There are many challenges to operating a compassionate, successful animal shelter. One of the most difficult hurdles is finding enough money to provide the kind of care the animals so justly deserve a

?The true cost of abortion?

    • Dear Editor:Frank Waxman wondered why pro-lifers do not advocate charging women who have abortions with murder.�In a nutshell, we understand the abortion decision is driven by lies about development of the fetus as well as fear: fear of the baby?s father, fear of parents? response, fear they cannot raise the baby alone.�

Fuzzy accounting behind renewable energy?s falling prices

    • Fans of the renewable energy industry like to boast that the costs of solar and wind power are dropping. What they never mention is where most of those ?savings? are coming from ? American taxpayers.

Supports nurse on hospital board

    • Dear Editor:For the past 14 years, the public has voted nurses as the most honest and ethical profession in the United States, according to the Gallup poll.�Nurses are the largest group of professionals employed by Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center.

Endorses Moltz for hospital board

    • Dear Editor:I strongly endorse Jean Moltz for a seat on the Salida Hospital District board of directors. I have known her for many years through her work with the 9Health Fair and our work together on a board and a committee.�


    • A source of pride among cowboys is knowin? the lay of the land.

Thanks sponsors for kickoff

    • Dear Editor:On behalf of the board of directors and chamber staff, we wish to thank our sponsors for helping us make our Kickoff to Summer ? Stay Another Day! event a huge success.�

Hospitals should use therapy dogs

    • Dear Editor:I think that more hospitals should use therapy dogs in their facilities because of the benefits people and staff experience from the dogs being there.�

Rental issue a start

    • The Salida City Council last week unanimously approved on first reading an ordinance to regulate and license short-term rentals.

From the betterment of Salida to a new library

    • In 1894, a group of Salida?s brightest townswomen formed the Tuesday Evening Club, an organization dedicated to the betterment of Salida. Their goal was to create a library, and the first order of bus

?One can only love the lovable?

    • Dear Editor:When society has no fear, it will have freedom and joy. There is no revolution from war except peace and love. There is no revolution from politics except the gestalt expression of families of friends. There is no revolution at all unless the attitude of society is allowed to change.

Big business is trying to ?rebrand? religious liberty as bigotry

    • Big business can be accused of a lot of things, but having ineffective ad campaigns is not one of them. Which means it takes a savvy consumer to maintain independent judgment and make purchases based on her own criteria, not marketing spin.

Reader defends city administrator

    • Dear Editor:I want to express a strong vote in support of Ed Berg (April 20 letter to the editor), who wrote in defense of our City Administrator Dara MacDonald.�By any standard Salida during Dara?s tenure as administrator has become one of the most admired small towns in Colorado. It provides a safe, warm, comfortable atmosphere for visitors and residents alike.

In support of finance director

    • Dear Editor:I was disappointed to see the announcement of Jan Schmidt?s resignation in The Mountain Mail on April 19.�

Neighborly compassion

    • Only one left? I stood there momentarily, staring at the last brownie on the platter. One left and all these people.

Unique airline experience prompts study of breed

    • Our flight from DIA to San Diego in January on ?The Animal Airline? was encouraged by ?affordable tickets? before we upgraded to checked luggage and more legroom.

Endorses Jean Moltz for board

    • Dear Editor:Jean Moltz is the candidate for the Salida Hospital District board I endorse and recommend.�Jean has had a career in medical service as a care provider and employee supervisor. As such, she brings experience and knowledge that will be a great value to the board.�

A win-win-win for all

    • In a complex arrangement involving no less than eight state and local entities, Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center is moving forward on an initiative to acquire 21.9 acres of property adjace

?No consensus fetus is human?

    • Dear Editor:In a recent letter, I pointed out what I regard as the hypocrisy of the Republican ?pro-life? position. Since pro-lifers believe abortion is murder, the woman having an abortion ought to be punished as a murderer.�

Learn how and when to fertilize

    • Fertilizer bags are now available at many stores and garden centers in the area. Many people dream about the ?golf course? lawn. But that picture-perfect green lawn sometimes comes at the expense of o

Offers basics of stock market

    • When a company needs to raise working capital, it will sell stock or units of ownership in the company to outside investors. Once you buy the stock, you are now a shareholder in the company.

?Except the dog needs a walk?

    • Each morning, no matter the season, my day begins in the half light of the trail. The immediate reason is walking the dog, but sometimes I wonder just who is walking whom?

The arts flourish in Salida, area

    • In Salida, the Creative District and surrounding areas, the arts scene is flourishing.The Salida Council for the Arts (SCFTA),, is a 501(c)(3) organization that promotes the arts and cultural events through its online calendar, radio spots, print advertisements and ever-growing social media platforms. All artists are welcome to submit information to the website for the calendar.

Criticizes paper for sticker letter

    • Dear Editor:The Mountain Mail acted irresponsibly by publishing Ed Berg?s April 20 letter, ?Dara defamation continues,? concerning City Administrator Dara MacDonald.

Mayor makes sticker statement

    • Dear Editor:The city of Salida, the office of the mayor and the city council value the hard work and dedication of the city staff.�

Wants to see photo of sticker

    • Dear Editor:This is an open invitation to Mr. Ed Berg to email a picture of a publicly displayed ?bumper sticker with the name ?Dara? overlain by a rifle scope crosshair,? as referenced in his April 20 letter in The Mountain Mail.

Calliope program was wonderful

    • Dear Editor:I attended the Calliope ?USAF Radio Broadcast? program at Salida High School auditorium April 17, and it was wonderful.

Casseroles are great for company

    • Main dishes (sometimes called casseroles) provide an easy answer to ?what?s for dinner??

Spare parts can give pets a new life

    • Up until recently, animals who suffered from birth defects, accidents or severe breaks were often left with very few options. Living three-legged when you?re supposed to have four can challenge owners

Give the gift of literacy by giving a kid a book

    • At the Salida Early Childhood Center, one of our overarching goals for children is literacy.

Level playing field for charter students

    • Colorado has made great strides toward providing public school choices for parents. Yet school districts too often do not respect those choices, instead opting to fund some public school students ? those whose parents have enrolled them in charter public schools ? at lower levels than others. It is well past time our state corrected that error.

Telemarketing in Afghanistan

    • Dear Editor:I don?t know about you, but I get unsolicited phone calls.Telemarketers reach out and touch me (without my consent) for various reasons. They?re fundraising for a worthy cause. Or selling some exciting new product or service. During political season, they?re pitching a candidate or an issue. Or taking a poll.

?Dara defamation continues?

    • Dear Editor:The efforts to discredit City Administrator Dara MacDonald just hit another low. Have you seen the bumper stickers with the name ?Dara? overlain by a rifle scope cross-hair?�

Questions ballfield net decisions

    • Dear Editor:While speaking during a recent city council meeting, Salida City Councilwoman Eileen Rogers said that her ?biggest fear? is that a council member may have disclosed confidential information about a city employee and if so, ?has failed in the ethics category.?�

Clearing the red tape

    • Kidney dialysis treatments at Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center took a step toward becoming a reality with officials? submission of new, additional documentation and a new service plan.

Board has three good candidates

    • Dear Editor:After attending the recent forum by the League of Women Voters for the candidates for the hospital board, it is apparent we have three good candidates.�These board members receive no pay and volunteer a great deal of time to learn complex information to help make sure we have quality medical care provided in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Questions: ?Too good to be true??

    • Dear Editor:In recent comments concerning the ColoradoCare supported Amendment 69, several times I have seen the statement ?It looks too good to be true? said by some who are questioning the value of the amendment.

Charmed by ?Enchanted April?

    • Dear Editor:How lucky is Salida to have Stage Left as its community theater company (and the SteamPlant as its host venue).�

Make appointment for STD test

    • Dear Editor:Did you know that one in two sexually active people will get a sexually transmitted disease by age 25? Did you know that most people who have STDs show no symptoms, but can still spread the infection to their partner?

The axis of ideal understanding

    • I have developed a way to evaluate when a person reaches the pinnacle of their profession, their prime, so to speak. I call it the ?Peak of Practical Intelligence.?�It states there is a point in the lifetime of a profession where your dependence on your knowledge derived from Education (ED) equals your dependence on your knowledge gained from Experience (EX).

?Books are good company?

    • With the changing of seasons, comes a change of habits for many of us.

Economic case for ColoradoCare

    • As in the rest of the United States, Coloradans currently spend much more on health care per person than people living in other developed countries. However, this extra spending is not buying us longer, healthier lives. Why are we getting so little bang for our buck? �

Salida Circus offers thanks

    • Dear Editor:On behalf of the Salida Circus, I want to thank all who made Project Education South Sudan?s visit to Salida last week a warm and welcoming success:�

Questions recreation district

    • Dear Editor:Is there anyone who believes what the council was told ? that the new poles at the ballpark were not installed because the ground was frozen? Do you also believe construction in Colorado stops in the winter for the frozen ground?�

Comments on tax questions

    • Dear Editor:

Dogs make our lives whole

    • Of all the articles I?ve written for the Loyal Duke?s Scoop column, I believe the most feedback I?ve gotten was from my February article called ?Would?ve, should?ve, could?ve.?

Hurry sickness

    • ?I?m fine.? Those were the words spoken by my daughter just hours before. She had a sleepover, ate too many sweets and got sick to her stomach.

Debating rentals

    • Denver?s city council is debating what to do with short-term residential rentals.The council began researching the issue 2 years ago and is just now moving toward establishing criteria for the properties.

Vote no on 10% tax on rent

    • Dear Editor:This November, voters will have a say in whether Colorado rejects the current health care model, opting instead for a government-run, single-payer system.�

Questions condo placement

    • Dear Editor:�Friends and neighbors, if you live near the intersection of Park and B streets in Salida, you may have recently received a Notice of Public Hearing with regards to a troubling proposed development known as ?Park Avenue Townhouses.?

It is about how much we share along the way

    • One Sunday afternoon, early in my first season as a full-time raft guide, the penny dropped.

Take time to tune up sprinkler

    • Many of us are getting into the swing of watering our outside landscapes or will be in the next couple of weeks. I recently observed a commercial property firing up its automated sprinkler system and

While paying off student loans don?t forget about retirement

    • Even if you?ve been out of school for a few years, you may still have a vivid reminder of college: your student loan debt.

Have confidence in Keith Baker

    • Dear Editor:April 12 was Keith Baker?s last night as a Buena Vista trustee after serving 8 full years. I can attest to his dedication to his position ? I have seen him study, ask questions, agonize and pray over the decisions that have come before him.�

Middle School PTO offers thanks

    • Dear Editor:The Salida Middle School Parent-Teacher Organization would like to thank the owners of Little Cambodia and 216 Ferraro?s for making contributions toward our SMS Mixer held on April 5.�

Jeff Post has reader?s full support

    • Dear Editor:Serving on the Chaffee County Economic Development Board with Jeff Post has allowed me to get to know him in a board setting.�

Beyond transparency, we need accountability

    • Over more than three decades in Congress, I had the chance to question a lot of federal officials. Most of the time I wasn?t after anything dramatic ? I just wanted to understand who was responsible for certain decisions.�

Microchip helps reunite owner and Pancita

    • This is a good story. A story of a pet and her owner being reunited. A story we at Ark-Valley Humane Society love to share. I?m able to share this story with you today because of one thing ? a microch

Refresh, renew and relax: energize your teen this spring

    • Spring is in the air! Like animals coming out of hibernation, it is common for humans to feel more energetic, motivated and eager to get outside and enjoy the longer days of sunshine.

Teach your kids how to cook

    • Since 1983 April has been designated Child Abuse Prevention Month in the United States.

Voting ?no? was bad business

    • Dear Editor:By voting ?no? to legalize recreational and/or medical marijuana, Buena Vista and Poncha Springs residents have made a very bad business decision.�

Rebooting journalism, free press ? 2.6 terabytes at a time

    • The rising global furor over financial records and other documents contained in the Panama Papers also speaks to any number of Digital Age canards about journalism and a free press.

Opposition led by Koch brothers

    • Dear Editor:In response to Rep. Wilson?s comments in Samantha Gillespie?s story ?Local leadership gives thoughts on 69,? which appeared in the March 25 edition of The Mountain Mail, please see�?Koch Brothers Attempt to Kill Single-Payer Health Care in Colorado?:�

Good neighbor

    • �Jim said he had the best two-strand bob wire fence in the country.

Keep children safe, families strong

    • It?s not enough to say, ?Child abuse is bad.? Dedicating a month to child abuse prevention means more than that. It means examining causes and troubleshooting solutions.

Offers alternative point of view

    • Dear Editor:?If a fetus is a human being, then abortion is murder.? That is one statement that you and I both agree with, Mr. Waxman.�But then you make the statement that ?scientific consensus? does not support the concept that a fetus is a human being.

Breach of city ethics?

    • Salida City Councilwoman Eileen Rogers is claiming that a fellow council member may have committed a breach of ethics by disclosing confidential information about a city personnel matter.

Help for Leukemia, Lymphona Society

    • Dear Editor:First, I want to extend sincere thanks to Arlene Shovald and The Mountain Mail for the front page article about our son, Ari Kahan?s, fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS).

Time to ?take responsibility?

    • Dear Editor:Last Tuesday (April 5) Eileen Rogers read a prepared statement at the city council meeting accusing an unnamed member ? or members ? of the city council of unethically and improperly disclosing confidential information about a city employee.

Allocate more money for police

    • I would like to commend the Salida Police Department for its amazing work each and every day. Salida police officers work long, thankless hours keeping our town safe. What many people don?t know is the state of the department.The turnover is high due to low salary, staff shortages and therefore extremely long daily worked hours. Did you know that an experienced police officer can make significantly more money annually working in towns as close as Buena Vista or Gunnison?�

Medicaid entitlements devour Colorado?s budget

    • So much chatter at the state Capitol is that Colorado?s government doesn?t have enough money to spend on programs that politicians, bureaucrats and lobbyists want to pay for with our tax dollars.

Knowing your actual neighbors

    • I had spent the morning riding up, down and around the skate park on my mountain bike, following every move my son made on his BMX bike, when suddenly I found myself racing full speed toward the lip o

Responds to amendment concerns

    • Dear Editor:I wish to respond to Denise Wentz?s concerns about ColoradoCare, Amendment 69. I reiterate that I am not speaking on behalf of the hospital or its board, but rather as a private citizen.�

Voters say ?no? to pot

    • In the fall more than a dozen states will put questions before voters on whether or not to legalize medical or recreational marijuana, or both.

?Spread the joy more evenly?

    • Dear Editor:Over the years Mike Bowers has earned my strong respect, and he is high on my ?friends? list. He?s a straight shooter with very strong ethics.�This letter may surprise him, but we differ on the pot tax thing. Just because reefer sales made close to a billion dollars last year doesn?t justify singling it out for special taxation. That?s just not right.

?No names were stated or implied?

    • Dear Editor:The following includes my exact words spoken during the city council meeting Tuesday night. Please note that absolutely no names were stated or implied.

Thanks for aid following wreck

    • Dear Editor:Many thanks to all the people who came to our aid after our accident in the canyon on U.S. 50: EMTs, first responders and other folks passing by.�