Seller Resources for the Salida, Colorado Area

Almost 50% of home sellers traded up to a larger sized and higher price home.
*From a 2009 study of first-time buyers by Keller Williams Research Division
On average, agent-assisted homes sold for $43,000 or 24% more than FSBOs.
*From a 2009 study of the first-time buyers by Keller Williams Research Division

Pricing Your Home to Sell

Getting the Best Value for Your HomeGetting ready to get into the real-estate market? Most sellers today are nervous and unsure. They wonder: is taking a loss on our house inevitable?


Facing Foreclosure? Here’s Your Best Way Out

News headlines today are filled with stories about homeowners in financial distress—people who face a lender’s foreclosure on their home. Millions of home owners are wondering what to do.


Stage It, Sell It, Profit!

Staging is more than an exercise in tasteful interior design. It is a business decision that can have a huge impact on your financial return and timeline.


What’s Happening in Your Market?

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