4 Easy DIY Fixes to Improve Your Home

Home maintenance must be performed on a regular basis. However, hiring professionals for every little thing can add up, so here are some simple DIY projects you can take on to save some money while improving the comfort (and value) of your home as well.

Painting The Walls

Walls and windows must be repainted every decade or so (depending on the color and your requirements) to keep them looking fresh. A fresh coat of paint can also significantly enhance the durability of wood and protect it from damage from dust and rainfall. However, before launching into a painting project you must remove all the furniture or cover it with plastic tarp to prevent any paint from getting on it. You must also use a drop cloth to cover the carpet so that it is not damaged during the painting process. Rosin paper is also easily available for wooden flooring and can be taped on the floor with relative ease. You will also need to use painter’s tape so you can get straight lines around windows and doors while paing. Last but not the least you should remove all electrical switches because if they get damaged by the paint you will have to buy new ones. Removing electric switches requires minimal effort and time and you will be able to paint faster and more neatly.

Draught-proof Doors and Windows

You can save on energy bills by draught-proofing your windows and doors. The draught stripping adhesive is easily available in DIY stores. This will help you preserve the original wooden windows and also enhance the interior of your house. In order to add further protection to your windows you can add secondary glazing. This will not only make your home comfortable but also reduce the level of noise coming in from outdoors.

Upgrading your Kitchen

You can upgrade your kitchen by making small improvements in it. You can initially start by adding a fresh coat of paint and replacing the counters. You can also clean the rangehood and the oven from the inside and outside. This will not only improve the efficiency of the oven but also give it a shinier and newer look. Kitchen tiles also tend to get dirty over a period of time and you can either replace them or use industrial strength cleaner to restore them to their original state.

Update The Wooden Elements

You can significantly improve the aesthetics of your woodwork by painting them.For woodwork, it is recommended to use gloss paint. Gloss paint protect the woodwork and help maintain it’s sheen for a longer period of time. However, before applying gloss paint you need to clean down the wood with sandpaper. Test your technique on the bottoms of the furniture before you begin. There are a variety of paints and brushes available that are designed for specific painting jobs like painting on wood with gloss paints, so make sure to invest in them.

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